State Vector

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state vector

[′stāt ‚vek·tər]
(computer science)
(control systems)
A column vector whose components are the state variables of a system.
(quantum mechanics)
A vector in Hilbert space which corresponds to the state of a quantum-mechanical system.

State Vector


a quantity that plays the same role in quantum theory as does the wave function. The square of the absolute value (modulus) of a state vector indicates the probability of the state.

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For a rotor-bearing system supported by two anisotropic bearings, the state vector of station i is 8-dimensional which consists of force vector [{f}.
The innovation vector can be derived from the state vector, which has not been corrected by the observation vector.
On this system, elastic wave velocity and Q-Value on individual cells are used as state values in the state vector.
n] is state vector, n is dimensionality of DO; y [member of] [R.
Assume that the initial guesses of the mean and covariance of the state vector at time t = 0 are given by
The after-treatment indicators and those of the control group are most relevant to each other, which confirms an increase in adaptive capacity and transition of human body state vector to the most gentlest mode of function.
t] denote the state vector of the t-th particle filter and the confidence of the filter at time k, respectively.
Among the topics are optimal navigation for mobile robots in known environments, a parallel mechanism and its application in designing machine tools with numerical control, a hardware design for the state vector identification of a small helicopter model, a rotational kinetic model with an unlimited angle of rotation, a mathematical model of the hole drilling process and typical automated process of designing hole drilling operations, adapting the control system of a three-dimensional printing device for hot gas powder sintering, and virtual reality in maintaining machinery and equipment.
The optimal Kalman filter application allows the problem of state vector recovery from noisy measurements Y(t) to be solved in real time, providing an estimation of minimum mean square error of the state variables [x.

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