Saddle Point

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saddle point

[′sad·əl ‚pȯint]
A point where all the first partial derivatives of a function vanish but which is not a local maximum or minimum.
For a matrix of real numbers, an element that is both the smallest element of its row and the largest element of its column, or vice versa.
For a two-person, zero-sum game, an element of the payoff matrix that is the smallest element of its row and the largest element of its column, so that the corresponding strategies are optimal for each player, given the strategy chosen by the other player.

Saddle Point


a critical point of a first-order differential equation. In a neighborhood of a saddle point, four half-line integral

Figure 1

curves enter the critical point. Between the four curves there are four regions, each of which contains a family of integral curves resembling hyperbolas (see Figure l). The pattern of integral curves in a neighborhood of a saddle point is reminiscent of the contour lines of a hyperbolic paraboloid, which has the shape of a saddle—hence the name of the critical point.

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Noting that H(0) > 0 and dH/dq < 0 it is clear that there is at most one additional stationary value in the range 0 < [q.
Thus, there is a unique interior stationary value [[bar.
Practically we can consider that the charge Q, on the tank/tank truck has a stationary value, if it reaches a value equal to 0.
The highest welfare loss is generated on impact and, thereafter, it decreases steadily toward its stationary value.
A hat '[conjunction]' over a variable will denote its stationary value.
Two different models are presented in this paper for identification of real measured data: a first order model [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and a second order model [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], where a is the stationary value of the step response.
s] dependence at a constant external voltage and a stationary value of low-absorbed illumination ([hv] > [E.
9 eV) on the energy of the quanta of a stationary value of low-absorbed monochromatic illumination with hi < [E.
Indeed, near the end of the experiments, the price level was close to, though never precisely equal to, the unique stationary value [Mathematical Expression Omitted](6).
When they brought experienced subjects back to play the same game, they found that the experienced subjects always coordinated their expectations around the low-inflation stationary value for inflation and tracked this value rather closely, even after government expenditures, d, had stopped increasing.
This implies that the range of outliers must be given independent consideration, in addition to the consideration of stationary values.