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chiefly Brit a period of the year when the law courts or universities are closed

What does it mean when you dream about vacation?

See Holiday.

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Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz Carlton Hotel is also in the market with the staycation packages for the Omani residents.
Example: If your staycation is inspired by the sea, then snag a beach-scented candle, make a Jimmy Buffett-themed playlist and whip up a coconut pineapple smoothie.
In the spring of 2008, the Ogden/Weber Convention and Visitors Bureau introduced the Ogden Adventure Pass Staycation package that includes admission for a family of four to a dozen different attractions, including a night at a hotel.
The terms noob, a new person online or in a chat room, staycation, a stay-at-home holiday where you pretend to be a tourist in your own city, and friend with benefits, a friend who also is a casual sex partner, were also said to be among the favourites, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Offering tips on how to improve your staycation is now something of a cottage industry.
Thus, Hannah believes, taking a staycation Can be more powerful, because ultimately the goal is to integrate a sense of peace and spiritual lessons into our daily routines.
Credit counselors at ClearPoint suggest it's not too late to take a summer staycation, and ClearPoint is offering a free ebook on great places to go locally: Staycations: Budget Vacations In Your State.
A separate survey by comparison website TravelSupermarket suggests that just under a third of Britons will be opting for a staycation this year.
Hotel in Dublin, OH offers Staycation Package with $25 Bistro credit, drink package, and more
Research of the British TripAdvisor community showed that 2014 will be the summer of the staycation for Brits, with six British destinations featuring in the top 15 global list.
e Travelodge survey revealed 76 per cent of people in Birmingham are choosing to staycation - higher than the national average of 74 per cent.
Matthew Bridle, Travelodge district manager for South Wales, said: "It is great news that our local economy is going to receive a boost of PS530m this year as a result of the growing staycation trend.