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The unit of measurement for solid angles; it is equal to the solid angle subtended at the center of a sphere by a portion of the surface of the sphere whose area equals the square of the sphere's radius. Abbreviated sr; sterad.



a unit of measurement for solid angles. It is equal to the solid angle subtended at the center of a sphere by a portion of the sphere’s surface whose area is equal to the square of the sphere’s radius. The abbreviations used for the unit are sr and sterad. The solid angle of a sphere at its center is 4π steradians.

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I have found the Steradian to be a useful supplement to the Focus system, and thought it would be a good idea to offer our readers a brief overview what the Steradian does.
The Steradian processor (hereinafter, just "processor") has three main functions.
If you absolutely insist on spending six grand, the Legacy Focus speakers with Steradian processor offer an overall combination of bass performance, dynamic capability, mid an ability to match to various rooms that are unmatched at this price point.
I have become quite spoiled by the Legacy Focus speakers and their associated Steradian environmental processor, which form an admittedly quite expensive ($5,000+) loudspeaker system.
Legacy Focus ($5,400) Reviewed in #54 by KWN, follow-up review with Steradian processor ($888 if purchased with the Focus, $1,295 as a stand-alone unit) forthcoming.
I quickly checked the setting on my Steradian, and sure enough, one of the kids had turned the thing down.
The second factor was the apparent source size in steradians (sr), defined as the subtended solid angle of the source at the eye of the subject.
The four numbers are actually snapshots taken at a single frequency and single target attitude along the line of sight of four functions that vary over the entire 4[Pi] steradians of solid angle around the target.
B] is the apparent brightness temperature distribution of all sources observed by the antenna over the full 4[Pi] steradians.