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1 City (1990 pop. 10,362), seat of Logan co., NE Colo., on the South Platte River; inc. 1884. It is the trading and shipping center of an agricultural area (grain, cattle, dairy products). Oil-related industries developed when oil was discovered nearby in the 1950s. Farm machinery and metal products are manufactured. 2 City (1990 pop. 15,132), Whiteside co., NW Ill., on the Rock River opposite Rock FallsRock Falls,
city (1990 pop. 9,654), Whiteside co., NW Ill., on the Rock River opposite Sterling; inc. 1867. It is an industrial center in a farm region with corn, soybeans, cattle, and hogs. Electronic equipment, feeds, and plastics are manufactured.
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; inc. 1841. It is an industrial center in a farm region. Steel products and machinery are manufactured.



(1) From the 12th century, the English word for “penny”; from the late 14th century, used in the phrase “pound sterling.”

(2) The legal fineness established for British coins: 916 2/3 parts per 1,000 for gold coins, and 925 parts per 1,000 for silver coins.


a. British money
b. (as modifier): sterling reserves
a. short for sterling silver
b. (as modifier): a sterling bracelet
3. an article or articles manufactured from sterling silver
4. a former British silver penny
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