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(shtēp), town (1994 pop. 46,372), central Macedonia. A historic town, it has mineral waters. Štip was an important center of the medieval Serbian and Bulgarian empires. From 1389 to 1913, it belonged to the Turks. The town has preserved a 14th-century monastery and the ruins of its old castle.
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The STIP does not encompass all transport projects.
He used to visit his hometown Stip regularly until a few years ago.
At about the same time, Uganda had also begun work on a Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy; but there seems to have been relatively little cross-fertilization between this nascent strategy and the design of STIP.
With CardSoft's JEFF-based VM and eAppliance STIP Platform, the benefits of Java are now available on the huge range of devices emerging to meet the demands of the wireless generation.
The construction of the road will modernize the road infrastructure in eastern and southeastern Macedonia and will complement the construction of the highway from Skopje to Stip and several other roads.
Stip public enterprise "Isar" in cooperation with Companies "Pakomak", "Petrev" and Stip Municipality, opened a mini factory for waste recycling, an investment worth EUR 40.
By providing manufacturers with integration support, General Dynamics ensures the successful integration of transportation security equipment with STIP enterprise services.
However with it's clear focus the STIP still served it purpose.
The state commission approved the STIP plan April 4.
The STIP is a cash investment pool with a primary objective of generating income from investments in short duration bonds and cash equivalents.
Macedonia received from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) another 21 million euros, thanks to which, instead of reconstructing the present one, a new expressway from Stip to Kocani will be built.
Stip public enterprise "Isar" in cooperation with companies "Pakomak", "Petrev" and Stip Municipality opened a mini factory for waste recycling, an investment worth 40,000 euro.