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, Ger. Stolp, city (1993 est. pop. 102,800), Pomorskie prov., NW Poland. It is a rail junction and commercial center with industries manufacturing furniture, footwear, agricultural machinery, and leather goods. Nearby are lignite mines.
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, Poland.
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which will have artwork by local multimedia and calligraphy artists Heidi Stolp and Judy Black as well as music by Annie O'Shea.
The overall Program of rooftop solar financing has just become effective, so we intend that this grant will be utilized quickly, to help build the capacity of utilities to implement solar rooftop projects, ensure smooth implementation of GRPV regulations, and help SMEs and NBFCs to access debt for rooftop projects, said Simon Stolp, World Banks Lead Energy Specialist and one of the Task Team Leaders for the program.
NFCS' Michael Stolp says apple producers now are optimistic for new-crop quality and pricing.
Many thanks to the LatMix team of ocean engineers and support staff: Mike Ohmart and Mike Kenney (Lagrangian float); John Dunlap, Jim Carlson, and Avery Snyder (EM-APEX); Chris MacKay and Kevin Bartlett (Hammerhead); Jason Gobat, Ben Jokinen, and Dave Winkel (Triaxus); Brian Guest and Leah Houghton (dye); Deborah Debiegun (drogued drifters); Cynthia Sellers and Laura Stolp (shipboard data); and many others.
On the other hand, a Russian contribution to the Polish mediaeval word-stock is stolp 'donjon' (stotp 'pole').
The convergence of Mexico's regions has been examined in the literature for several decades with some studies focusing on industry only (eg, Bannister and Stolp, 1995; Chavez-Martin del Campo and Fonseca, 2013) and others suggesting centuries of extractive regimes leave a legacy that is difficult to overcome (Acemoglu and Robinson, 2012, Chapter 1).
We thank our colleagues in the field for fruitful discussions leading towards this project, Sebastiaan Stolp for help with the logistics concerning the soil sampling study, Katja de Jong and Jacqueline Lankelma for help in the laboratory, and Matt T.
10 May 2014: Erich Allen, Matthew Checchia, Melissa Derr, Jonathon Fishinger, Julia Friedman, Robert Gifford, Julia McGann, Kristen Orozco, Elaine Ramos, Julianne Rodriguez, Megan Sedillo, Daniel Adam Stolp.