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operations for the extraction of a mineral from a deposit by the underground method. In stoping, a distinction is drawn between combined or gross removal of a mineral and selective removal, in which certain grades of ores, coal, intercalated rock layers, and so on are extracted separately. Mining excavations formed as a result of stoping, and also the space formed after the removal of the mineral, are called stopes; the faces of stoping excavations are called working faces. Rock minerals are stoped with the use of a blast-hole drilling unit for preliminary loosening of the rock mass.

In the USSR, stoping is mechanized: cutter loaders, conveyors, and powered support are used in underground coal mining; loaders, scrapers, and underground excavators are used in underground ore extraction.

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The FS demonstrates positive economics for the extraction of the West Reef Probable Mineral Reserves using shrinkage stoping.
This was due to the proportion of stoping ore of total underground ore production increasing over the quarter, and we expect this trend to continue into the fourth quarter.
TSG reported on September 27, 2012 that the breakdown of some underground equipment had reduced the amount of stoping ore.
The firing of the first stoping ore represents a key milestone for the Company s underground mining operations and follows the production of the first copper concentrate from DeGrussa last week.
The Mount commenced production from development ore in late March, and with the start of stoping operations Focus expects to significantly ramp up production through the September quarter.
Mining was principally focused on the 4740B stoping area of the Ogee zone utilizing conventional underhand cut-and-fill mining methods.
The scoping study considers the Golden Crown resource below the 550rl and the Great Fingall resource below the 800rl (tabulated below) and applies a longhole open stoping in a top down sequence method.
Two additional oxide stopes have been identified for mining over the next quarter with one of these stoping areas to be mined by long-hole stoping, a bulk-mining method versus the selective underhand cut-and-fill mining method previously used at Pinson.