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commonly a shop or other establishment for the retail sale of commodities, but also a place where wholesale supplies are kept, exhibited, or sold. Retailing—the sale of merchandise to the consumer—is one of the oldest businesses in the world and was practiced
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is the leading independently operated convenience store chain in the southeastern United States and one of the largest independently operated convenience store chains in the country.
FamilyMart President Michio Tanabe told a press conference that more than half of the 500 outlets slated to close are ''old stores'' that have been operating for over 10 years, adding that he wants to improve the overall quality of the store chain.
Jusco's Ministop convenience store chain also outperformed its supermarket operation.
The city spent more than a year fighting with the 99 Cents Only store chain, trying to acquire land to expand the present Costco store.
a convenience store chain affiliated with supermarket operator Uny Co.
NASDAQ: PTRY), the leading independently operated convenience store chain in the southeastern U.
This leads to the one stigma the store chain is working hard to quash - its reputation for higher prices.
Ludicke was involved in the development of the corridor's first two facilities, distribution centers for the Rite Aid drug store chain and the Michaels craft store chain.
Wal-Mart also has a stack of letters from chambers of commerce throughout California stating the store chain has had positive impacts on their communities, she said.
The availability of large parcels of land already has attracted the development of distribution centers for the Michael's craft store chain and the Rite Aid drug store chain.
The Caldor department store chain apologized Tuesday after 11 million copies of an advertising circular showed two smiling boys playing Scrabble around a board with the word ``rape'' spelled out.
NYSE: FDO), a discount store chain operating more than 6,300 stores in 44 states, will host a conference call to discuss financial results for the third quarter ended June 2, 2007 (sted Family Dollar Stores, Inc.