straight stair

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straight stair

A stair with a single straight flight of steps between levels.

winding stair

Any stair constructed chiefly or entirely of winders.

straight flight, straight stair

A stair extending in one direction only, with no turns or winders.
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Lot 2 The supply, installation and maintenance under warranty of internal straight stair lifts including ancillary works;
The UK market is by far the most lucrative - around 40% of the world's stair lifts end up here and around 70% of those are straight stair lifts," said Mr Long.
To do this, select a home design that includes a single, straight stair without turns, intermediate landings, or switchbacks.
Whether you choose metal, wooden, carpeted, open, closed, spiral or straight stairs, there are so many different options available today that you are sure to find something to fit any decor.
Otherwise, you lift the carriage into place and bolt it to the header and the floor, just like with straight stairs.
The ASCENDA[R] inclined platform lift is specifically designed to carry people in wheelchairs up and down straight stairs to other levels in the home.