Taiwan Strait

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Taiwan Strait,

Chinese Taiwan haixia, arm of the Pacific Ocean, between China's Fujian coast and Taiwan, linking the East and South China seas. It contains the PescadoresPescadores
, Mandarin Penghu or P'eng-hu, group of 64 small islands, area c.50 sq mi (130 sq km), in Taiwan Strait, c.25 to 30 mi (40–50 km) off the west coast of Taiwan. They comprise a county of Taiwan.
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. It is also called the Formosa Strait.
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The March 14 vote by the Chinese National People's Congress on Taiwan may do little to change Beijings approach: although there are about 700 missiles pointed across the Strait of Taiwan at the renegade island, China is prepared to tolerate a de facto separation of Taiwan and to work for peaceful reunification.
She said Chinese authorities did not say why the route, which covers air space near the Strait of Taiwan, was closed.
The two actions are meant to signal Washington's displeasure over China's war games in the Strait of Taiwan, which the administration charges are intended to intimidate voters before the presidential election today.
Chang Chun Petrochemical Company, Limited is crossing the Strait of Taiwan to invest in the Zhangzhou region on Mainland China.