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Lee Strasberg
Israel Strassberg
BirthplaceBudzanów, Austria-Hungary
Actor, director, acting teacher

Strasberg, Lee

(străs`bərg, sträs`–), 1901–82, American theatrical director, teacher, and actor, b. Budzanów, Galicia, Austria-Hungary (now Budaniv, Ukraine) as Israel Strassberg. Strasberg immigrated to New York City in 1909. He was a cofounder in 1931 of the Group TheatreGroup Theatre,
organization formed in New York City in 1931 by Harold Clurman, Cheryl Crawford, and Lee Strasberg. Its founders, who had worked earlier with the Provincetown Players, wished to revive and redefine American theater by establishing a permanent company to present
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. There until 1937, he initiated training in "the Method," a process of acting based on StanislavskyStanislavsky, Constantin
, 1863–1938, Russian theatrical director, teacher, and actor, whose original name was Constantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev. He was cofounder with Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko of the Moscow Art Theater in 1898, which he would remain associated with for
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's teachings. Among the world's foremost teachers of acting, Strasberg was closely associated with The Actors StudioActors Studio, The,
organization founded 1947 in New York City by the directors Cheryl Crawford, Elia Kazan, and Robert Lewis to train professional actors. Long directed (1948–82) by Lee Strasberg and famous for its advocacy of the Stanislavsky "method" technique, the
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 in New York and became its director in 1950. He acted in movies in his later life, notably The Godfather Part II (1974).


See his autobiography (1987); biography by C. H. Adams (1980); R. H. Hethmon, ed., Strasberg at the Actors' Studio (1965).

Strasberg, Lee (b. Israel Strassberg)

(1901–82) theater director; born in Budzanov, Austria-Hungary (now Budanov, Ukraine). Brought to America as a child, he had a brief acting career, then was one of the founders of the Group Theatre in 1931, directing a number of plays there. But his greatest influence was through the Actors Studio where he became director in 1950. A proponent of "method" acting, he influenced several generations of actors, from Marlon Brando to Dustin Hoffman.
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