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, Ger. Strassburg, city (1990 pop. 255,931), capital of Bas-Rhin dept., NE France, on the Ill River near its junction with the Rhine. It is the intellectual and commercial capital of Alsace.
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There is a curious footnote in a nineteenth-century journal on the history of book publishing that contains an undated and undocumented reference to the sale of the entire inventory of the "Strassburger Offizin von Jorg and Paul Messerschmidt" for 146 Pfund Strassburg Pfennige (pounds in Strasbourg money).
The Halm's children were Eric Adolphus Halm (born Strassburg 25 May 1895; who married Grace Lydia Dyer and had two daughters as well as a son who died as a baby), Florence Stella (Born in Edinburgh 15 May 1897) and Violet Jessie (married Parker), born in Edinburgh 6 April 1902.
Sollte man die ernsthaftere Ideenwirkung betrachten, so musste das Jahr 1769 erwahnen, als Goethe Herder, dem damaligen Vorkampfer des "Sturm und Drang"--und im beruhmten Manuskript auch den Rousseauschen Ideen--in Strassburg begegnete.
Ten students will receive honors diplomas: Halley Balkovich, Andrea Coffee, Shelby Harvey, Paige Harwood, Austin Hodgin, Janne Keskinen, Robert Lopez, Mekayla Means-Brous, Anne Strassburg and Cheyanne Tillery.
In the dream, the princess died, prompting Shen to write a commemorative poem, which he was able to remember after he woke up (Chen 1985, 37-39; Strassburg 2008, 162-67).
de/~db/0002/ bsb00023364/images/ NOTES Dpr of the 1578 Strassburg edition AUTHOR Bose, Johann Andreas (1626-1674) TITLE De comparanda eloquentia civili URL http://play.
Thus, Dorothea Wendebourg's study on the memorial aspect of the Lord's Supper in key reformers, for example, or Thomas Kaufmann's detailed study on the Strassburg theologians and the Lord's Supper, are missing.
Most of the second half of the book is devoted to two long chapters on place and space in various versions of the legend of Tristan and Iseult (Eilart yon Oberg and Gottfried von Strassburg in German; Beroul and Thomas in French; 179-284).
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The German-language newspaper was published in Strassburg, which had the status of an imperial free city in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.