Stratosphere Balloon

Stratosphere Balloon


a free aerostat for ascent into the stratosphere—that is, to a height of more than 11,000 m. The gondola, or cabin, of a manned balloon is pressurized and is provided with the necessary life-support equipment (seeGONDOLA). Depending on the height to be reached and the payload weight, the volume of the fully inflated envelope of the balloon ranges from 14,000 to 105,000 m3. Balloons designed to ascend only to the lowest layers of the stratosphere are called substratosphere balloons. The largest number of manned stratosphere-balloon flights was made in the 1930’s. Table 1 lists the most important of these flights.


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Black cites lots of positive changes and updates to the city over the last four years: four new hotels, the Extendicare facility, the Autumnwood seniors' living facility, and the airport's stratosphere balloon launch centre are construction projects that demonstrate confidence in the community, he said.

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