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However, for the four other countries discussed, the concentration on a narrowly defined "radical" stream of thought and on modern, even current, writers makes this study less effective than it could be.
Each new possibility begins a new stream of thought.
One chapter, devoted to "The Stream of Thought," advances the concept of the stream of consciousness, which helped lead the way to an important and revolutionary fictional technique.
The Principles of Psychology (1890, 1892) shows James as a keen observer of sense data; one chapter, " The Stream of Thought, " advances the concept of the stream of consciousness, later an important and revolutionary fictional technique.
The other broad stream of thought includes all of those on the left who have become so disillusioned with the Western working class, and who frequently remain so indifferent to third world struggles, that they have sought various ways of declassing the socialist project.
We want to give them access to the stream of thought we generate, and putting it conveniently in their iPhone or BlackBerry was a natural," said Joe Malchow who, with authors John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson, and Paul Mirengoff, publishes Power Line.
STREAM of thought sentences: When you're upset, it's hard to focus on your argument.
You already regret feigning this stream of thought and begin to dread the succeeding five minute conversation which will be forced out of both your mouths as a mere form of politeness, or pity.
Occasionally, you hit a stream of thought so lucid it brings clarity to the most complex issues.
So, although I was inspired to write last week's loyalty-themed stream of thought following the big bye-bye to the Carroll singer, I simply couldn't ignore the weekend gone's events at the park which is named after Jimmy, our talking cocker spaniel (if he had been very good).
In the latest Artellewa exhibit, Gaby examines the process of art making; using chalk and ink, he traces the stream of thought that brings about the final creation of an artist.