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1. any large and luxurious car, esp one that has a glass division between the driver and passengers
2. a former type of car in which the roof covering the rear seats projected over the driver's compartment



(Russian, limuzin), a body style of contemporary automobiles. The style has a rigid, transparent partition separating the front seat from the rear area, which is the passenger compartment. Limousine bodies are used only in large, luxurious cars (for example, the ZIL-114).

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Stephanie arrived in style in a stretch Limousine laid on by the store.
What was he doing, anyway, living it up in a stretch limousine outside a club at 2a.
A silver Rolls-Royce and a stretch limousine with blacked-out windows waited for the Sheffield sportsman outside Moorland open prison in Don-caster, South Yorkshire.
But Austrian authorities lifted the ban for the Simple Life star - who refused to be driven to the resort in a stretch limousine and insisted on flying instead.
A Walsall Council spokesman said a total of 12 private hire cars, five black cabs and one stretch limousine were pulled over in the joint operation by council taxi licensing officers and police.
But four years ago, he began taking unusual modes of transport - including a stretch limousine, horse and cart and motorcycle with sidecar.
FOR tourists with a taste for revolutionary kitch, there is a new treat on display in China - Chairman Mao's personal six-door stretch limousine.
A SHAKE-UP of the stretch limousine industry in Liverpool may see the Americanstyle cars become licensed.
This marks the first time a stretch limousine has been designed to specifically address the needs of the physically challenged.
Gordon Memorial Foundation and chartered Stretch Limousine, Inc.
Motor Authority, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the new Mercedes-Benz S Class stretch limousine.
POPULAR teacher Gail Roswell was picked up from her home in a stretch limousine and driven to a retirement dinner with her colleagues this week.