strip cropping

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strip cropping,

practice of growing field crops in narrow strips either at right angles to the direction of the prevailing wind, or following the natural contours of the terrain to prevent wind and water erosion of the soil.
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Bureaucrats found it much easier to convince peasants to agree in principle to enclosure than to persuade them to abandon strip farming, their village homes and garden plots, communal meadows and grazing lands, and partible inheritance patterns.
Farming their land in narrow strips, appropriately called narrow strip farming, is helping to keep soil from washing away.
We now walk through a meadow where there is evidence of the medieval strip farming.
The envelope bears three stamps from the 1999 farming set, the 19p strip farming, the 26p mechanical farming and 64p satellite agriculture adhesives.
This medieval method has largely died out in modern times, but the stamp features the Nottinghamshire village of Laxton where strip farming has survived the centuries.