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The supporting tissues of an organ, including connective and nervous tissues and blood vessels.



(1) The supporting framework of an animal organ. The stroma consists of unstructured connective tissue containing specific elements of an organ, cells capable of reproduction, and fibrous structures that provide support. Blood vessels and lymphatics pass through it. Stromal elements perform a protective role by participating in phagocytosis. Red and white blood cells develop from the stromal cells of hematopoietic organs.

(2) The protein base of erythrocytes.

(3) In many ascomycetes and Fungi Imperfecti, the compact mass of hyphae upon which spore-bearing bodies (conidio-phores) are arranged.

(4) In algae and higher plants, the colorless protein base of plastids in which a strictly ordered system of membranes serving as pigment carriers is embedded.

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In cases where intraocular pressure is high, it might be worth reducing this as anterior movement of fluid in the stroma is driven by intraocular pressure.
Diagnostic clues lie in the in the neoplastic epithelial component as well as in the stroma.
The expression of Flk-1 was weaker in the stroma as compared to the luminal and glandular epithelium at the peri-ovulatory, early-secretory and late-secretory phases (p<0.
Oncomatrix has identified a number of genes and proteins that are differentially expressed in tumor-associated stroma mesenchymal cells and extracellular matrix.
Giant cell reparative granuloma and brown tumor of hyperparathyroidism contain areas of aggregated giant cells that have less nuclei-per-cell than those in the GCT and have a more fibrotic stroma with more prominent hemorrhage and hemosiderin deposition than the GCT.
The epithelial component ranged from primitive-appearing structures intimately associated with the stroma to well-developed luminal structures, well demarcated from the stroma.
Mr Biddlecombe said: "We have worked very hard to protect the interests of the trainees of Property Professionals, and are delighted to have secured the services of Stroma as our training partner.
After a LASIK procedure the flap adheres to the corneal stroma because of the action of the endothelial pump and because the epithelium grows over the flap's margin.
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Eye colour comes from the pigment in the front layer of the iris, called the stroma.