Structural stability

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structural stability

[′strək·chər·əl stə′bil·əd·ē]
Property of a differentiable flow on a compact manifold whose orbit structure is insensitive to small perturbations in the equations governing the flow or in the vector field generating the flow.

Structural stability

The relative structural soundness of an existing building or structure based on current and projected dead load, live load, wind, and seismic load factors.
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The A-level students enjoyed a tour of the campus and participated in a series of practical activities, which included building structurally stable models of penicillin molecules.
In a report, ratings agency, Standard and Poor's has opined that the Turkish banking sector is structurally stable.
The partnership focused on how to achieve cost effective, structurally stable, year-round services connecting Italy and the UK.
The third phase of conservation will see the stabilisation of the Venetian walls between the Arsenal and Othello Tower, which remains structurally stable, but with some areas at risk.
However, the team found that the Zika virus is more thermally stable than the dengue virus, and is also structurally stable even when incubated at 40 degrees Celsius, mimicking the body temperature of extremely feverish patients after virus infection.
We will use the latest technology such as three-dimensional scanning and ground-penetrating radar, to bring back The Met and to make it structurally stable and sound.
He along with an expert committee found the building in a "very good and structurally stable condition: and said that there was no threat to the building or its occupants.
One police officer told a local resident the building was not structurally stable.
The reason for this second increase, the company says, is that the cutting edge is more structurally stable after sharpening.
Julian Construction stresses that this is an essential step in ensuring a home will remain structurally stable in the event of an earthquake.
Fire crews spent two hours removing the car from the large detached property and checking it was structurally stable after the crash at 6.
In a sense we recreate and accelerate the evolutionary process in the lab, resulting in libraries that are superior, highly focused and enriched for structurally stable, functional variants with minimal or no immunogenic proprieties," he added.

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