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name for caterpillars that move with a looping motion, including the inchworminchworm,
name for the larvae of moths of the family Geometridae, a large, cosmopolitan group with over 1,200 species indigenous to North America. Also called measuring worms, spanworms, and loopers, inchworms lack appendages in the middle portion of their body, causing them to
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 and the cabbage loopercabbage looper,
moth larva, Trichoplusia ni, that feeds by night on the leaves of cabbage and related plants and is a serious agricultural pest. Like the inchworms (of another moth family), cabbage loopers lack walking appendages in the middle of the body and progress by
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Murdoch (singer/songwriter) and Stuart David (bass guitar) met on a government-training scheme and recorded some demos, which were picked up by a Jeepster scout who was taking part in the Stow College Music Business Course.
Stuart David Stace, aged 21, of Hugh Road, Stoke, driving with excess alcohol, fined pounds 350 and banned from driving for one year.
EDGBASTON: Martin David Clee, Wentworth Court, Kingsbury Road, Erdington (Lab), James Hutchings*, Clare Drive (Cons), Francois William Teissier Jones, Oxford Road, Moseley (UKIP), Stuart David Ritchie, Bristol Road South, Longbridge (BNP), Barney Smith, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Bristol Road (Grn).
Stuart David Anderson, aged 28, of Strathmore Avenue, Lower Stoke, Coventry, possession of amphetamine powder, fined Pounds 50.
Seal, 18, of Alwold Road, Selly Oak, drunk and disorderly, fined pounds 100, cost 87; Stuart David Munslow, 29, of Balden Road, Harborne, drink driving, fined pounds 300, costs pounds 70 and disqualified for 16 months; John Patrick McIntyre, 51, of Overdale Road, Quinton, drink driving, fined pounds 200, costs pounds 87, disqualified for 24 months; Craig Francis, 19, of Aintree Grove, Shard End, assaulted two police officers, 60 hours community service, pounds 150 compensation to both policewomen;
AWARD-WINNING Scots band Belle & Sebastian have been rocked by the decision of a founding member, Stuart David, to quit.
Lo-fi doesn't come much lower, especially as the instruments used by the trio - Stuart David, his wife Karn and Ronnie Black - included an anorak zipper, a typewriter and a musical fridge magnet.
The band's 29-year old bassist Stuart David was at home with his wife Karn as The Brit award winners were announced.
Richard brought along a tape he had made with his fledgling band, including his singer- songwriter flatmate Stuart and bass player Stuart David.
Bassist Stuart David, stuck with watching it on telly, said: "We didn't think we were newcomers anyway .
Richard shared a flat with Stuart David, a bass player who had teamed up with Stuart Murdoch, a singer and songwriter.
The full line-up is Richard, singer Stuart Murdoch, lead guitarist Stevie Jackson, Chris Geddes on keyboards, cellist Isobel Campbell, violinist Sarah Martin, bassist Stuart David and Mick Hook, who occasionally appears on trumpet.