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a registry of pedigree agricultural animals that satisfy breed standards. The publication of a studbook is essential in pedigree stock raising. Such a registry makes it possible to study the evolution of breeds. It helps breeders coordinate their efforts to improve a given breed and promotes efficient use of pedigree animals.

The first studbook was published in Great Britain in 1793. A registry of the Thoroughbred saddle horse, it listed pedigree horses going back to 1660. Throughout the 19th century stud-books were maintained for most breeds of farm animals. In Russia the first studbook, also on the Thoroughbred saddle horse, was published in 1834. It was followed by studbooks for cattle. Studbooks are now published regularly in the USSR for all major breeds of farm animals.

In most capitalist countries, studbooks are closed, since they list only purebred animals whose ancestors were already registered in a studbook. Studbooks are issued by livestock-breeding cooperatives and, in some countries, by state agencies. In the USSR they are all state controlled and open. The registries are inspected by the ministries of agriculture of the USSR and the Union republics and their oblast or krai boards. Both purebreds and almost pureblood crossbreeds are registered in open stud-books, with the latter listed separately. The registration requirements conform to the first class standard. A certificate is issued for an animal entered in a studbook, thus increasing the value of the animal and its offspring.

Besides ordinary studbooks, a number of countries, including the USSR, issue books listing only sires and dams outstanding in productivity and quality of offspring.


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The golden frogs at EVACC will be included in the studbook along with the U.
Calculated Strike, owned by Al Montasir, trained by Alan Smith and to be ridden by Gerald Avranche, looks in best shape to win the race for the Studbook Cup (no apprentices allowance and top weight 55 kgs) which carries a cash prize of BD1,000 and to be run over 1,200 metres, starting at 4.
Cheetahs are a nonaggressive wildcat that pose no threat to humans, says Linn, whose work with the CCF during the past year includes escorting visitors, keeping track of the cheetah studbook, helping with medical workups, coordinating the volunteers who come from all over the world, and helping Marker with grant writing and newsletters.
Working with a studbook to improve the bloodlines, the San Diego organizations have seen 62 births; there is hope of reintroducing the horses to their original homelands.
However, the research findings are unlikelyt oleadtoachangetotheGeneral StudBook,thedefinitiveancestry record ofthethoroughbred.
Jubilee is one of only two Welsh section A's graded for the Sports Pony Studbook and often beats horses at dressage.
With an impressive CV to date and graded with Anglo European Studbook as a 4-year-old, he holds 'licensed' status.
The three other cup events went according to form book with Sanabel and Agencourt winning the Bapco Cups for Group Two imported horses and Group Three locally bred horses respectively while Ghadanfar claimed the Studbook Cup.
The European Endangered Species Programme annual studbook, which controls and guides the breeding programme for the threatened small primates, is collated annually by senior curator Derek Grove.
Graded with Anglo European Studbook as a four-year-old, he holds 'licensed' status.
At Monmore they were also the recipients of the week's major prize away from Wimbledon, picking up pounds 2,500 after Eye Eye Pickle landed the Greyhound Studbook Trophy.
The Studbook Office Cup for Group Three locally bred horses also carries a cash prize of BD2,000 and will be run over 1,200m straight, starting at 4.