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(tool, file format)
(filename extension: .sit) A file archiving and compression utility, developed by Aladdin Systems, Inc.. Stuffit was originally developed for the Macintosh and is still the Mac standard tool for compression and archiving (compressing multiple files into one). Stuffit is now also available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. Compared to the standard Windows tool, WinZip, it is faster and gives better compression.

Stuffit archives can be extracted with Stuffit Expander.

Stuffit Home.


A data and image compression program for Windows and Mac from Smith Micro Software Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA ( Originally developed in 1987 by Raymond Lau at age 16, StuffIt was the de facto compression utility for the Mac, superseding PackIt. StuffIt creates .SIT and .SITX archives, the latter providing special compression algorithms based on the type of data being compressed. StuffIt compression programs are commercial packages for compressing and decompressing, while the StuffIt Expander decompressor is free. Smith Micro acquired StuffIt in 2005 as part of its purchase of Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin Systems).
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StuffIt provides best-in-class, patented compression methods for pixel-perfect compression of image files, audio files, PDFs and more.
Registered users of any version of CheckIt Netbook Utility Suite can upgrade to StuffIt Deluxe 2009 for USD19.
To celebrate the launch of StuffIt Deluxe 2009 for Windows and 20 years of StuffIt success, Smith Micro hosted an interactive contest titled "Just StuffIt
Redesigned DropStuff: A redesigned user interface for DropStuff, an easy-to-use drag and drop archive tool included with StuffIt Deluxe, allows users to create StuffIt, Zip, and .
TIFF format scanned images, which can take up enormous amounts of disk space, can be reduced in size by as much as 90 percent using programs such as Stuffit Deluxe for the Macintosh and ARC for PCs.
They fold up small and can be stored in three ways: roll it into a tube, fold it neatly into its square pouch or just stuffit into its own inner pocket.
Another way is to mix plenty of butter with fresh lemon thyme, garlic, sea salt and pepper and either spread it thickly and evenly over the turkey breast or lift the skin and stuffit under.
Open all popular archive formats including RAR, StuffIt, 7zip, and Zip.
Our leading brands are QuickLink, StuffIt, Internet Cleanup and Spring Cleaning.
provides small businesses and consumers with software solutions through its popular products such as StuffIt, Internet Cleanup, SpamCatcher, TurboProject, FormTool, FlowCharts&More, HiJaak and TurboTyping.
To compress file sizes, the paper recommends (and most advertisers use) the Stuffit program, though Krentz-Greenawait said DiskDoubler also works.