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Infiltration of plant cell walls by suberin resulting in the formation of corky tissue that is impervious to water.



a change in the cell walls of plants by infiltration with suberin, layers of which are deposited from inside on the primary membrane and are separated from the contents of the cell by a cellulose tertiary membrane. Suberin is almost impervious to fluids and gases, and, for this reason, the protoplast in a suberized cell atrophies. Suberization is characteristic of cells of integumental tissues, such as exodermis and cork, which protect internal root and stem tissues from loss of moisture and fluctuations in temperature. The cell walls of endoder-mis are also subject to suberization and partial lignification. Suberization of cell walls promotes healing of wounds and covering of scars formed after leaf fall.

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The enzyme peroxidase is required for the final polymerization of phenolic derivatives into lignin and may also be involved in suberization or wound healing.
Furthermore, in drying soils increased root suberization is reported to decrease root permeability and increase resistance to water absorption and movement in the apoplastic pathway (Cruz et al.
However, root color may darken as a result of secondary growth or suberization, and this can complicate visible estimates of physiological status.