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cluster bomb:

see cluster munitionscluster munitions
or cluster bombs,
air-dropped or ground-launched weapons that open in mid-air and scatter dozens, hundreds, or thousands of smaller submunitions (or bomblets) over a wide area.
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Caption: The South Korean Chun-Mu rocket launcher is based on the 239 mm rocket developed by Hanwa which can be fitted with high explosive or submunition warheads.
Cluster munitions were used extensively in Southeast Asia by the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) estimates that in Laos alone 9 to 27 million unexploded submunitions remained after the conflict resulting in over 10,000 civilian casualties to date.
No landmine or cluster submunition casualties were reported in Kosovo in 2006.
b) A munition or submunition designed to produce electrical or electronic effects;
Such dispersed aircraft, however, would be vulnerable to SRBM-delivered fragmenting submunitions.
12) Cluster bombs are weapons that are designed to disperse numerous smaller explosive submunitions over a wide area.
One must be clear that cluster bomb is the composite of these three parts--it is the submunition, many of which are contained in a cluster bomb, that is dispersed and actually detonates.
5RT submunitions found near the village of Ongolo in southern Sudan.
During the first air raid (2 May 1999), F-117s produced widespread disruption of electrical power supplies by use of the GBU-114/B submunition, or 'filament bomb'.
is a 1,000-pound dispenser that deploys 10 guided submunitions, each equipped with antitank warheads.