Substitution Method

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substitution method

[‚səb·stə′tü·shən ‚meth·əd]
Any method of measurement, such as substitution weighing, in which a quantity is determined by substituting for it a known quantity which produces the same effect.

Substitution Method


a method for eliminating systematic measurement errors caused by errors in the measuring instrument used to compare the quantity being measured with a standard. In the substitution method the value of the quantity being measured is not found indirectly, from a reading of the measuring instrument, but rather from the magnitude of the standard, which is selected or regulated in such a way that the reading of the measuring instrument remains the same when the quantity being measured is replaced by the standard. For example, when weighing an object on a beam balance, the object is taken from the pan and replaced by weights of equal total weight; the balance will show the previous reading (the Borda method). The substitution method is extensively used in measuring electrical quantities, such as resistance, capacitance, and inductance.


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It was clear that he found the method of elimination easier as it is less demanding in terms of algebraic manipulation compared to the substitution method learnt in the previous three lessons.
Testing at the fan manufacturer's facility should include performance testing; either AMCA 210 or 250 as applicable, sound testing, completed via the substitution method based on volume and conditions.
As a consequence, the backward substitution method need not be applied here due to the property of the matrix being identical.
Both laboratories employed a substitution method for their measurements.
Another substitution method is to remove the whole piece of plastic, remove the tubex, draw out the drug with
The substitution method is just that: the substituting of one person's urine with that of someone (or something) else.
In the usual substitution method the two electromotive forces to be compared are opposed successively to a controlled potential difference.
Adulteration, dilution and substitution methods are probably here to stay, but they won't achieve their ultimate objective of helping people with drugs in their systems pass drug tests when drug test professionals know what the cheaters know.
Tools, parts, materials or test equipment not presented IAW SPMIG, SCAT or adequate substitution methods.
Results based on simple substitution methods were substantially different from those based on the MI method.
Substitution methods are just that-switching the subject's urine with that of someone (or something) else.
Unlike the classification and substitution methods, performance of the PIMLE with respect to full information increases slightly with the effect size.