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SUNA has given a dinner banquet aboard a River Nile barge in honor of its guest the Director General of the Bulgarian News Agency.
People are going to shop everywhere anyway, but we expect [the Industry] to stand out on its merits," Suna said.
SUNA is a welcome addition and one we believe our customers will gain enormous benefit from.
The new complex will bolster our industry, while also meeting other important objectives, such as creating housing, opening the waterfront for public access, generating additional revenue for the city and state and creating thousands of well-paying jobs," said Silvercup CEO Alan Suna.
I challenge you to help SUNA become even stronger and move into the future.
We want to continue in that tradition by developing a landmark studio facility with a world-class design that will stand the test of time and fit contextually into the Long Island City neighborhood," said Alan Suna, chief executive officer of Silvercup.
The journal is not only the official publication of SUNA but also of the Urology Nurses of Canada (UNC).
He said that the state relies on the capabilities of SUNA and its new informatics projects in reflecting the genuine image of Sudan abroad, calling on SUNA to speed up the launching of its promising projects.
a partnership of Levine and Stuart Match Suna, served as developer.
These are exciting times for SUNA and Urologic Nursing," said Gerry Sue Young, RN, CNOR, SUNA president.
He announced in a statement to SUNA, that he has received application from a Tunisian private company of Al-Gadid for Air Transport Services to stage direct flights from Tunis to Khartoum.
These homes demonstrate the positive impact affordable homes can have on a community," said Stuart Match Suna, principal of Suna/Levine Industries, Inc.