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large, heavily forested swamp region, c.3,860 sq mi (10,000 sq km), in the S Ganges delta on the Bay of Bengal, about 60% in SW Bangladesh and the rest in West Bengal state, India. The more than 100 low, marshy islands and many tidal rivers and creeks of the Sundarbans are home to the world's largest mangrove forest, which is inhabited by a wide variety of animal life including tigers, water buffalo, crocodiles, pythons, and many species of birds and aquatic life. Rice is grown, mainly in the east, and coconut palms in the west; the main trade center is KhulnaKhulna
, town (1991 est. pop. 1,001,825), SW Bangladesh, in the Ganges delta. It is a river port and the trade and processing center for the products of the Sundarbans, a swampy, forested coastal region. Agricultural products are processed, especially rice, oilseed, and cotton.
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 in Bangladesh. The village of Iswaripur, Bangladesh, was the capital of an independent 16th-century Muslim kingdom, which was ravaged by the Arakanese (Rakhine) and by Portuguese pirates in the 18th cent.

By the early years of the 21st cent. extensive tree-felling had destroyed more than half of the mangrove forest in the Indian Sundarbans, and the region's islands were in ecological peril from rising sea levels and widespread erosion. Over three decades some 31 sq mi (90 sq km) of land has been lost (several islands completely disappeared), and many island inhabitants displaced. The region also is subject to frequent cyclones (hurricanes); in Nov., 2007, for example, Cyclone Sidr destroyed some 590 sq mi (1,528 sq km) of forest in the SW Sundarbans.



the swampy lowland delta region of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers in India and Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is a maze of streams and low-lying islands periodically inundated by the tides and frequently changing in outline. The total area of the islands is about equal to the area of the streams. There are mangrove forests and shrubs, nipa palm groves, ferns, and verbenas. The Sundarbans is sparsely populated. There are breeding grounds for malaria. The name “Sundarbans” probably derives from the sundri tree (20–30 m in height), whose wood is widely used in boat-building.

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Tenders are invited for Repairing of navigational lights 2 3nm solar operated and painting of navigational lighted posts frp buoys mooring buoys installed in kolkata haldia stretch nw 1 and ibp route of sunderban waterway
Born on the very first day of a new nation, Hashi, the girl who always smiles, grew up surrounded by flying tigers in the Sunderban jungles.
Previous records prove that Sunderban is perhaps one of those places in the world where man is not on top of the food chain, due to the Bengal tigers, known to kill at least 50 people in a year.
After keeping the tiger at the Sunderban Forest Office for 12 hours, officials loaded the animal onto a boat and took it to an area not inhabited by humans.
Attack rate and moderate to severe case rate of diarrhoeal diseases among residents of Pakhirala village and surrounding areas of Gosaba block, Sunderban area, 5 June-20 July 2009 Village Total population All cases Attack rate (%) Pakhirala village 3,871 3,529 91 Other villages 40,786 28,550 70 Village All cases Moderate-severe Moderate to cases severe case rate (%) Pakhirala village 3,529 918 26 Other villages 28,550 3,997 14 Table 2.
monodon from Sunderban mangrove system, India may be the result of runoff from cities adjacent to Calcutta, which discharged via the Hooghly River (Guhathakurta & Kaviraj 2000).
In work presented at the conference, Lahiri and colleagues examined 2,000 nonsmoking adults from Calcutta and Delhi and 300 from the rural Sunderban region, where air pollution is extremely low.
Sunderban & 13104 13,15 Bihar (Eastern), Eastern Valley Region WB, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya XVI.
Travellers can also take a speedboat entry into the Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the world's biggest deltas, and offers plenty of wildlife to watch and enjoy.
Chowdhury also pointed out that Bangladesh has potentials for foreign investment in oil and gas sector, tourism in the Cox's Bazar, the longest and unbroken sea beach and also Sunderban, the largest mangrove forest.
The mangroves of the Sunderban (shared between Bangladesh and India) are the only mangrove forests where tigers are found.
Limited Tenders are invited for Soil Investigation In Respect Of Provision Of Widening Of Main Road From Main Guard Room To Lake Gate And From Officers Mess Turning To Sunderban Area Including Construction Of Footpath (Both Side Of Road Upto Main Gate)