Supplementary Investigation

Investigation, Supplementary


in Soviet criminal procedure, a supplementary preliminary investigation or inquiry, on the instruction of the procurator or court, in a case in which the investigation has already been completed. Supplementary investigation is conducted in the event of: the discovery by the procurator or court that the investigation is incomplete and cannot be completed during the court session; serious violation of the code of criminal procedure during the investigation of a case; the existence of grounds for presenting to the accused another accusation connected with the one already presented or for changing the accusation to a more grave one or one differing substantially in factual circumstances from the accusation that was presented earlier; the existence of grounds for instituting criminal proceedings in a given case against other persons when it is impossible to separate the materials concerning them into a new case; the incorrect joinder or disjoinder of cases.

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The magazine said it will hand the evidence to FIFA so a supplementary investigation in the Qatar bid can be launched.
In recent years, use of natriuretic peptide (BNP) as a supplementary investigation in the diagnosis has increased, though not used solely in the diagnosis of PDA.
In August 2010, Keydata Founder and Director Stewart Ford, the claimant in this case, discovered the FSA was in possession of these emails only when he was served with an FSA Supplementary Investigation Report that referred to the emails' content.
The China Daily quoted SPC Vice-President Zhang Jun as saying that the court would ask for a supplementary investigation or other evidence to be submitted in case any evidence had been obtained through illegal means.
82) For cases in which the trial is suspended for supplementary investigation by the procuratorate, the time clock is reset from when the case is transferred back to the court from the procuratorate after the supplementary investigation has been completed.
237) The Chinese authorities soon would inform Mo, however, that the trial had not, in fact, concluded, but rather had been postponed (yanqi shenh), and that supplementary investigation was necessary.
The CPL provides that prosecutors have one month to complete a supplementary investigation, but it does not appear to authorize posttrial supplementary investigation by the procuratorate.
His lawyer seemed unable to organize a logical line of defense, but after the sentence even the minister of justice had doubts and ordered a useless supplementary investigation.
The offer shall based on the need for supplementary investigations and preparation p.
The court had asked the prosecution to identify the others in the case, who responded by saying clarification would be sought in supplementary investigations.
Their approach is based on the integrated assessment of peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate films, trephine biopsy sections, and supplementary investigations, and includes discussion of the clinical context of bone marrow diagnosis and cytological and histological features.
This contract is to undertake a mixture of Phase 2 intrusive site investigations and risk assessments, supplementary investigations, production of generic (GQRA) and detailed quantitative (DQRA) risk assessments, as well as providing suitable interpretation of toxicological input and output data to assist Fife Council in the implementation of its contaminated land inspection strategy.

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