Supporting Members

Supporting Members


components of a building or structure that absorb the main loads (wind pressure, the weight of snow, the weight of people and equipment in the building, and the pressure of soil on the underground parts of the building).

Supporting members are classified as those under compression (columns, individual supports, foundations, walls, and loadbearing wall panels), those mainly under bending stress (roof beams and panels, rafter and bridge trusses, and frame crossbars), and those mainly under tension (membranes, guys, suspensions, braces, and so on). In terms of geometric shape, supporting members may be linear (beams, columns, and rod systems), plane (slabs, panels, and decking), or three-dimensional (sheets, vaults, and spatial components). The aggregate of the supporting members of a building forms its supporting framework, which must provide spatial constancy, strength, rigidity, and stability.


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Retail Electricity Suppliers Association, Philippine Federation of Electric Cooperatives and other associations of distribution utilities serve as supporting members.
We have exhibited at every NSSF SHOT Show, heavily promoted NSSF programs and have been NSSF Supporting Members for many years.
Some feel Mr McGuinness and Sinn Fein have abandoned the core principles of republicanism after supporting members of an un-uniformed army to take life and risk their own.
The board and te poari discussed ways of supporting members affected by February's devastating earthquake, including contributing to a general fund supporting community solidarity or establishing a fund specifically for members affected by the earthquake.
Supporting members included the UAE Red Crescent and the United Nation World Food Programme (WFP).
Additionally, RFA said Stoel Rives, LLP of Portland, OR has become a new associate member, while the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan of DeWitt, MI and the Distillers Grains Technology Council of Louisville, KY have both become new supporting members.
Northern Oak Credit Union is supporting members of the community in their campaign to stop the proposed closure of New York Post Office.
Plaster was crumbling, bricks were cracked, steel supporting members had rusted through.
In addition to daytime volunteering, Terrusa is one of the supporting members of her church's Monday evening group led by therapist Susan Gilles for people with HIV or AIDS.
Performance footage from the live concert is punctuated with interviews with these supporting members.
Further, UKCPA also plans to work with Scottish pharmacy community and supporting members and potential new members in making this exciting development happen.
It was inspected for good practice in a number of areas including modernisation, decision making, transparency, supporting members and development.

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