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A method in surveying by which the horizontal position of an occupied point is determined by drawing lines from the point to two or more points of known position.
A method of determining a plane-table position by orienting along a previously drawn foresight line and drawing one or more rays through the foresight from previously located stations.
The surgical removal of a section or segment of an organ or other structure.



an operation that involves the partial excision of a diseased organ. Amputation is the removal of the peripheral part of an organ, while extirpation is the complete removal of an organ. In surgical practice gastric resections are most frequently performed; pyloric stenoses and stomach cancers or gastric ulcers that are complicated by hemorrhaging often require gastric resections. Resections of the small or large intestine are performed in cases of traumatic ruptures, obstructions, or tumors. An anastomosis is created between the stump of the stomach and the duodenum or jejunum or between the remaining sections of the intestine after gastric or intestinal resections. Resections are also performed on the thyroid gland, lungs, and joints.

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Although lung metastases are not common, our case demonstrates that chest imaging plus a tissue diagnosis can lead to a surgical resection as a way to treat prostate cancer patients with pulmonary nodules.
Spinal cord ependymoma: radical surgical resection and outcome.
IP chemotherapy should be considered by oncologists in women who have had optimal surgical resection for ovarian cancer.
Kuo advocates limiting surgical resection and following surgery with stereotactic radiosurgery, which has become a common adjunctive therapy for treating postoperative tumor recurrence and residual tumors.
Consistent long-term surveillance after surgical resection is required because the malignant potential of gastrointestinal stromal tumors is unpredictable.
In cases of diffuse laryngeal amyloidosis, surgical resection can result in complete laryngeal stenosis during the healing phase; in such cases, a staged resection should be considered.
The possibility that RFA prolongs survival in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma is exciting, because fewer than 30% of such patients are candidates for surgical resection, he said.
In cases such as ours, surgical resection may be required to provide definitive diagnosis and treatment.
This study was conducted to evaluate a potential use of SECTA, for the treatment of solid tumor margins following surgical resection of cancerous tumors.
11) This was done to isolate the surgical resection and prevent cerebrospinal fluid leak.
Other than the availability of fluoroquinolones for the more recent series, a major difference was the more aggressive use of surgical resection in the later group (Am.
It was designed to enroll up to 300 patients in order to obtain 270 patients with confirmed GBM at first recurrence at study entry surgical resection for the intent-to-treat patient population, and compare overall survival, drug safety and quality of life of patients receiving CINTREDEKIN BESUDOTOX with patients receiving Gliadel Wafer in the treatment of first recurrent GBM following surgical tumor resection.