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A video format offering a higher quality signal than composite video, but a lower quality than component video. This mid-level format divides the signal into two channels - luminance and chrominance.


(Super-video) An analog color video format that combines the three YUV video signals into two channels. Brightness/luma (Y) is in one channel, and color/chroma (U and V) are in another. S-video provides a sharper image than composite video, but is not as good as component video. See S-VHS, YUV, composite video and component video.

S-video and Composite Connections
Like composite video, S-video connectors are widely used on VCRs, DVD players and receivers. The audio for both composite video and S-video uses common left/right stereo connections.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how S-video, composite and component video signals are related.
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While my musical tastes are a little different to this particular style, I must admit the song is peerless and the Svideo is quite superb.
Resolucion nativa de 1080p Conectividad: HDMI, Componentes, Svideo, Video, PC y Serial Dimensiones: 460 x 130 x 300mm Peso: 7.
The AverVision 110 portable video document camera includes a 410K pixel CCD sensor with remote-control capability, a built-in display case with two microscopic connectors, a microphone port with backlight and full support for composite and SVideo output.
Customer-specified connector arrays are provided to match the HDTV SVideo, component video and RGB connectors to the internal PXI SMBs.
The unit boasts a four-way color selector and an Svideo connector.
HT-SVID-SP101 SVideo and S/PDIF audio IN to HDMI OUT
Minimum resolution 1024 x 768 (preferred resolution 1920 x 1080) ports minimum: 2 x hdmi, 1 pc audio, 2 x av, 1 x svideo, 1 x vga tv tuner.
5 Kg, radio de contraste 2500:1, tecnologia DLPcon procesadorde imagenes de Texas Instruments, mando a distancia con apuntador laser y mouse, bocina de 1 watt; puertos VGA-In, Svideo, componente, RCAy USB; tamano de imagen de 23 a 255 pulgadas, puerto de seguridad Kesington
The POPbox II can be connected to any TV, CRT, LCD or Plasma display that supports Composite or Svideo.
illumia kits range in size from 6-inch LCD to 40-inch LCD -- DigitalTech controller calibrated for each individual LCD -- Power-to-Panel Kit in a single box -- Supports ARGB, Svideo (NTSC/PAL) and Composite Inputs -- Stereo Audio out on all controllers -- On Screen Display included for optimizing display adjustment -- Supports up to 17 separate user adjustments -- External DC power supply included -- Power matched 12V inverter included -- Complete cable connections for LCD, OSD, inverter and power supply -- Controller manual, connection instructions specific to each LCD included -- One year parts and labor warranty
RasterVideo-PC is designed to display video from an antenna input, a cable feed, a composite camera, or an SVideo source.
44MB floppy PCMCIA: One Type III or two Type I/II Keyboard: 4mm travel keys with integrated pointing device Multimedia: Enhanced multimedia package including: Built-in 16 bit sound card, internal speaker and microphone; interfaces for audio in/out, external microphone, 16-bit bi-directional MIDI interface; SVIDEO NTSC/PAL for TV connection and video playback from VCR, plus more Wireless Connection: Serial Infrared port Power: Intelligent battery system with dual lithium ion battery packs, advanced BatteryPro(TM) software for power management; slim universal AC adapter "Nobody would buy a Pentium desktop PC without a PCI bus," said Nassir Ahmed, Worldwide Portable Products Marketing Director for Texas Instruments.