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KuntaPro Oy as procurement and tendering services (procurement unit) to request a quotation from domestic customers from the general literature and related audio-visual material, the English literature in Swedish literature, literature in other languages, Finnish and foreign sheet music, as well as Finnish-language audio books.
An agreement was signed on Sunday between the two parties, meaning that a lot more Swedish literature will hit the UAE market in the near future.
A few books of poetry just recently published by Macedonian poets living in Sweden, as well as the latest translations of Swedish literature into the Macedonian language were also presented.
Participating in the book fair is publication house Dar Al-Mona, which is specialized in translating Swedish literature into Arabic.
Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said the award made him "happy and proud," and hoped it would raise attention to Swedish literature abroad.
It offers a much-needed counterbalance to the mainly Swedish literature on the Alvastra pile dwelling, and those able to read between the lines will find that this story of the dolmen has plenty more to tell.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- During the 9th Century, in the midst of the Viking Age, the earliest piece of Swedish literature was chiseled on the Rok Stone.
The Autumn meeting of the branch was held on 4 December 2008 at Turku City Library, which has a recently renovated and enlarged building with a very good music department, while the Spring meeting was held on 24 March 2009 at the Society of Swedish Literature of Finland (in Helsinki, or Helsingfors in Swedish), where we had a rare opportunity to see part of the Society's valuable collections of rare materials (though mostly non-musical).
The Swedish streetdance company Bounce tours the UK this autumn, Swedish literature will be promoted on a large scale in Edinburgh in August and in Nantes in November.
Sweden Bookshop (on the first floor of SwedenHouse) sells translations of Swedish literature, and Stockholm Today, with multi-media booths located throughout the area, has interactive terminals with a printer and phone where you can book a hotel or learn about events or attractions.
Bogatyrenko holds an MBA degree in Finance from New York University School of Business and an MA degree in English and Swedish Literature and Languages from Moscow Linguistic University.
His voice is unique in Swedish literature of today.

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