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The process of placing a craft on various headings and comparing magnetic compass readings with the corresponding magnetic directions to determine deviation; this usually follows compass adjustment or compass compensation, and is done to obtain information for making a deviation table, deviation card, or compass correction card.

What does it mean when you dream about swinging?

To be swinging on a swing or to be dancing the “swing” indicates that the dreamer is expressing a great deal of satisfaction and freedom.

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George, who originated from Shieldfield in Newcastle, set a world record for club swinging in May, 1912, while his artillery unit was based in Quetta, in what is now Pakistan.
A long-hanging swing in a brooder will fill up with baby chicks all swinging in a row and is just the cutest thing to see
But swinging on the show requires super swinging skills, because of the amount of partnering and the subtle differences among the tracks (their pathways onstage and backstage).
The swinging builds up the wrists and develops the hands and forearms.
Once you're ready to pick up a club, spend a week simply swinging without hitting balls to build up your strength, suggests Dave Pelz, a teaching pro in Austin, Tex.
The Swinging Bridge home sites are set among stately pine, birch and hemlock trees, and alongside the beautiful, deep blue waters of the reservoir.
A method of swinging on a swing is disclosed, in which a user positioned on a standard swing suspended by two chains from a substantially horizontal tree branch induces side-to-side motion by pulling alternately on one chain and then the other.
And "there were a few people who had been swinging before Swingers"including, as it happens, Mark Gauvreau Judge, who took up the pastime in the D.
The downside: swinging for the bleachers (rather than going for the easy base hit) increases McGwire's chances of coming up empty, instead of coming around to home plate as the hero.
The other, the swinging laser beam, then has less work to do in the final ionization.