Synchronous Data Link Control

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Synchronous Data Link Control

(SDLC) An IBM protocol.

A discipline conforming to subsets of the ADCCP of ANSI and the HDLC of the International Organization for Standardization. SDLC manages synchronous, code-transparent, bit-serial communication which can be duplex or half-duplex; switched or non-switched; point-to-point, multipoint, or loop.

Compare Binary Synchronous Communication.
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The 6611 hardware supports Token Ring and Ethernet LANs, serial links, downstream Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) links from products such as the 3174 Establishment Controller, and attachment to X.
Synchronous Data Link Control is (at last) a real protocol.
The two synchronous WAN interface slots can accommodate any of four DSU/CSU modules, making the 2524 and 2525 routers the perfect solution for environments that need to reserve one port for Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) or bisynchronous protocols and the second port for Frame Relay or leased line links to headquarters.

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