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A composite synclinal structure in a region of lesser folds.



a large compound structure of folds of the earth’s crust characterized by a general depression in the center. Synclinoria resemble large synclines complicated by smaller folds. They may reach many hundreds of kilometers in length and dozens of kilometers in width, rarely being more than 100 km wide. They usually originate in geosynclines as a result of the folding and the extensive and prolonged subsidence of the earth’s crust. Synclinoria are associated with anti-clinoria, structures that are opposite in shape.

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The reserves contained in the current mining area amount to about 75 Mt, with a further 111 Mt of inferred resources to the north of Mindola North where the synclinorium is open ended and plunges at about 20[degrees] to the northwest from a current depth of about 1,600 m.
The Engineer mine claims are situated within the Whitehorse Trough, which is a synclinorium underlain by the Late Triassic Stuhini Group.
Nd isotopic and trace element constraints on the source of Silurian-Devonian mafic lavas in the Chaleur Bay Synclinorium of New Brunswick (Canada): Tectonic implications.
Karachi lies between Ranpathani and Cape Monze in the east and west respectively and Mehar and Mol Babals (mountains) in the north and this region is part of synclinorium.
In the common view the Hollabmnn unit represents deep crystalline synclinorium between Dyje and Brno granitoides.
GE and Actom's equipment will be deployed to support Mopani Copper Mines' development of a new, $320-million shaft and associated infrastructure at the Synclinorium site within the Mopani mine, which is an integrated copper and cobalt operation.
The general structure of the hills of Barcelona is a NNESSW trending asymmetric synclinorium that plunges towards the SSW.
The Kodar-Udokan zone, to which the deposit is confined, is regarded as a major synclinorium fringing the Archean basement projection of the Ohara block.
The southern Hazara is part of the Himalayan Fold and Thrust Belt formed due to collision between Indian and Eurasian plates forming various complex structures including the Lora Synclinorium (Iqbal et al.