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syndication format

A publishing format that lets people view headlines of the latest updates from their favorite blogs and websites from within their Web browser or newsreader program. The major syndication formats are RSS and Atom. These XML-based formats, known as "feeds," "news feeds" or "Web feeds," include a headline, short description and link to the article. The process of developing feeds is automated, and many blog publishing applications offer automatic feed creation. See RSS and Atom syndication format.

For Websites
Syndication feeds are invaluable for websites. They keep users interested, involved and up-to-date. Feeds also enable websites that share a common interest to expand their content by publishing news from other sites and blogs. In fact, a website can be made up entirely of syndication feeds.

For Users
By subscribing to several feeds, users quickly review all the latest updates from one consolidated index rather than browsing from site to site. The newsreader, which can be a stand-alone program or part of the Web browser, automatically searches selected sites and presents the latest headlines in chronological order to the user. See Web Slice.

A Stand-Alone Newsreader
The Headline Viewer newsreader aggregates selected RSS and Atom feeds, shown on the left. The feed's articles are at the top, and the article's page is rendered below. For more information, visit

Feed Icons
Orange icons are feed subscription identifiers on websites. Either dragging or clicking them subscribes to the feed, and right clicking may reveal the URL that can be copied. An XML icon can be an RSS or Atom feed.
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REBNY recently launched its own Residential Listing Service, a centralized syndication feed of residential sales and rental listings across the city.
Users may select Republish Online, Republish Offline, Reprint, or Get Syndication Feed, which will bring the user to repubHub.
0 feeds, which is one of the most popular syndication feed formats in use.
InQuery RSS, a window into live K4 workflows, presents users with a clear overview via a Really Simple Syndication feed, enabling any Internet-enabled device to query K4 to see layouts, images and story previews with metadata.
Good web publishing software will let users sort and deliver news items by syndication feed to different areas of a site.
To add a feed, you click the administration tab and press the Add Syndication Feed button in the upper right corner of the page.
LYCOS UK has announced the introduction of 'My News', a Really Simple Syndication feed to its e-mail service enabling users to subscribe to live news services without divulging their e-mail addresses.
com) when rumors arise about the firm, but they have no near-term plans to produce their own syndication feed.
Tips are reportedly available via the blog website, but can also be delivered to a web browser via syndication feeds like RSS 2.
Practitioners and photography enthusiasts Kunkle and Morton keep the fact that readers may have had limited experience with open-source software, graphic design, photography and collaborative technology in mind as they describe the software and its attendants, discuss features, show how to install the works, including Apache, PHP and Phlickr, work with PHP and photos, organize photo sets, use semantic tags, get through Real Simple Syndication feeds and other syndication, and add collaborative features to websites with Flickr Groups.
Many of us are moving from buying print products we trust and identify with, to signing up for really simple syndication feeds and Internet newsletters.