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1. Brit a business agent of some universities or other bodies
2. (in several countries) a government administrator or magistrate with varying powers



in ancient Greece, a court advocate. In medieval Europe, the syndic was the elected head of a guild. In some countries, a person responsible for handling the legal affairs of some establishment is called a syndic. In modern Italy, the sindaco is the administrative head of local self-government.

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Il ne devrait pas non plus repondre de ses actes a un president de comite de discipline nomme et paye par le Gouvernement et assiste d'un secretaire nomme et paye par le Gouvernement, devant qui il serait poursuivi par un syndic nomme et paye par le Gouvernement.
The main role of the syndic is to ensure coordination, discipline, and maintain common areas in a clean and orderly state.
Altogether less distressing is the group-portrait of the Syndics of the Drapers' Guild, pleased with their eminence and their impeccable account book as the Chairman rises to greet a visitor, or perhaps the viewer of the picture, with the benign well-worn courtesy characteristic of Rembrandt's elders.
Ending with an obvious set up for the next installment, Jack has so far eluded the Syndics, but has also discovered that the Syndics may have originally started the war as a response to an encounter with nonhuman intelligences.
Now in its fourth year, FutureWatch 2006 is a compilation of data collected via an online survey from more than 1,268 meeting professionals worldwide -- 40 percent client side planners, 20 percent intermediaries and 40 percent suppliers -- by Syndics Research, a Dallas-based independent research firm.
The Syndics of Cambridge University Press, blithely unaware of the New Bibliography, invited Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch to be the general editor, and Murphy relates an amusing story of this enthusiast deciding to edit The Tempest not "because it was his favorite play, but rather because, as he put it, 'I know a little about ships'" (231).
26) ANQM, notaire Jean-Marie Faribault, 9 avril 1810: Quittance de Jacques Archambault aux syndics de l'eglise.
A similar incident occurred when I was asked by one of the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press to persuade George not to use the word 'imagination' in the title of his 1979 book.
show that the Queen of England used to attend, as well as the Syndics (as the governing body of the Press are still called) and the Prince and Princess of Wales.
L'entreprise proprietaire ayant fait faillite peu de temps apres, des procedures de faillite ont ete entreprises en Belgique et le concours de la Cour superieure du Quebec avait ete demande par les syndics.
He sketches in the beauty of Florence in spring, 'the weeks when six months of steady shiver have still not shaken New York and Boston free of the long Polar reach', and the unattractively spreading developments around the city 'under the treatment of enterprising syndics, into an ungirdled organism of the type, as they viciously say, of Chicago' (pp.
We can, for example, compare Toledo's Syndics of the Amsterdam Goldsmiths Guild, a 1627 canvas by the Dutch painter Thomas de Keyser, with Frick mainstays by Rembrandt and Frans Hals in an adjoining gallery.