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(sĭnĕk`dəkē), figure of speech, a species of metaphormetaphor
[Gr.,=transfer], in rhetoric, a figure of speech in which one class of things is referred to as if it belonged to another class. Whereas a simile states that A is like B, a metaphor states that A is B or substitutes B for A.
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, in which a part of a person or thing is used to designate the whole—thus, "The house was built by 40 hands" for "The house was built by 20 people." See metonymymetonymy
, figure of speech in which an attribute of a thing or something closely related to it is substituted for the thing itself. Thus, "sweat" can mean "hard labor," and "Capitol Hill" represents the U.S. Congress.
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a figure of speech and variant of metonymy by which the whole is made known by means of a part. There are two types of synecdoche. In the first, the whole is represented by a, part, which replaces the whole. For example, “Hey, beard! how can I get from here to Pliushkin’s?” (N. Gogol). Here the meanings of “man with a beard,” “bearded one” (“villein”), and “beard” are combined. In the second type of synecdoche, one grammatical number is used instead of the other: “And until dawn the Frenchman [the French] could be heard rejoicing” (M. Iu. Lermontov).

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2-13 synechdoche (adjective and modifier or Genetive and possessive)
This kind of synechdoche was found 9 times in Naf sat-al-Masdur.
This kind of synechdoche was found 10 times in Nafsat-al-Masdur.
In contrast 'Leg of Brother Who Died Early' presents the leg as a synechdoche for the dead brother, though 'initiates are instructed never to reveal the brother's speech that flows from the leg as the leg is whirled in the field, [.
Full human day" is a perfect synechdoche for what Maurice is up against.
12) Thus, even if the name of the first person can, by synechdoche, name the Trinity, the word [Greek Text Omitted] has at least as much scriptural warrant for this role as does the word [Greek Text Omitted].
Far from being made into a synechdoche for a more general primitivism, their lives were inquired into at the micrological level.