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ADNOC has already completed API SN approval, GM Dexos 1, ILSAC GF-5, and 0w-20 for full synthetic motor oils, and is actively working with additive companies to achieve Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) formulation approvals.
The lubricating performance of the mixtures oil + ionic liquid and oil + ionic liquid + nanoparticles in different concentrations was compared with the pure base PAO and synthetic motor oils.
The Uz-Texaco JV had begun production of synthetic motor oils on a licence of Prista Oil on the basis of the Fergana oil refinery in October 2011.
With advancing engine technology, more and more vehicle manufacturers are recommending fully synthetic motor oils over conventional motor oils.
Baghdasarian was president of Delfin Group USA, a Russian-owned producer and supplier of synthetic motor oils that solidified its US presence in 2008 with a $55 million renovation to an old Shell Oil plant it had bought for $20 million.
Oils can be classified into mineral motor oils and synthetic motor oils.
Already, Shell's fully synthetic motor oils have gained momentum, with Pennzoil Platinum the fastest growing product in that segment and Q HorsePower winning approval for use in Ferrari and Maserati vehicles.
According to him, research has shown that many customers rate synthetic motor oils as being superior to semi-synthetic and mineral oils on their ability in improve engine performance.
Chevron also markets a full range of synthetic lubricants for use in hostile or extreme operating conditions, including Delo[R] 400 Synthetic Motor Oils, Tegra[R] Synthetic Gear and Compressor Lubricants, and Ulti-Plex[R] Synthetic Grease.
From stop-and-go driving to extreme hot and cold temperatures to high performance applications, a range of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oils are available to keep engines running like new:
Contract award notice:Make the public contract synthetic motor oils for buses Iveco brand under the terms of the tender documents and the bill of costs that indicates the name, the indicative amount and other conditions required to complete the offer.

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