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(both: tē`nôs), island (1991 pop. 7,747), 79 sq mi (204 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea; one of the Cyclades. Wine, figs, and wheat are produced on Tínos, and blue-hued marble is quarried. The island was a colony of Venice from 1390 to 1715, when it was captured by the Ottoman Turks. Tínos (1991 pop. 3,754), the main town, is the site of a church containing an icon of the Virgin Mary that attracts many pilgrims.



(also Tenos), an island in the Aegean Sea. Tinos, one of the Cyclades islands, belongs to Greece. It occupies an area of 192 sq km and rises to a maximum elevation of 729 m. The island is composed predominantly of crystalline rocks and has marble quarries. There is Mediterranean shrub vegetation. Viticulture is a major occupation. The village of Tinos is the main population center.