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tee joint

welded tee joint
A joint between two members which are located approximately at right angles to each other in the form of the letter T.
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Used T-joint weld cracking test is the recommended standardized test for evaluating hot cracking susceptibility of Al alloys.
If the flow front has already reached a T-joint, domain decomposition is employed to solve for the pressure in the three domains forming the "T.
It is seen to extend a user-specified distance in each direction from the center of the T-joint base.
To demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed solution procedure, isothermal, Darcy type mold filling was simulated for the T-joint geometry depicted in Fig.
This, however, is not really the case since the T-joint is not symmetric in the downchannel direction.
To visualize the movement of the fluid through the T-joint, numerical tracer particles were added to the flow at the inlet using a constant rate.
It should be noted, though, that there is some inaccuracy in finding the instantaneous "dividing streamline," as a result of the fact that the corner at the base of the T-joint represents a singular point with respect to the velocity computation.
A side view of the stiffener reveals how the gapwise distribution of particles is altered by the T-joint [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 19 OMITTED].