Hausdorff Space

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Hausdorff space

[′hau̇s·dȯrf ‚spās]
A topological space where each pair of distinct points can be enclosed in disjoint open neighborhoods. Also known as T2 space.

Hausdorff Space


in mathematics, an important type of to pological space. A Hausdorff space is a topological space wherein any two points have nonintersecting neighborhoods. Such spaces were first defined in 1914 by F. Hausdorff, who carried out a detailed study of them.

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Using a 3-dimensional (3D) isotropic dataset, such as T2 SPACE, a single acquisition can yield high-resolution images with the option of infinite reformatting without loss of resolution.
Virgin America made additional investments within its T2 spaces in 2012 to achieve the highest possible LEED Platinum-certification.
EVirgin America's additional investments in sustainable design for its T2 spaces and "Virgin Village" crew lounge are aimed at the highest possible LEED[umlaut] Platinum-certified status.
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