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Anyone familiar with TGA results for a pure PC would notice something wrong with this result and might have looked deeper into the problem.
Conventional submissions to the TGA rely largely on selected data and reports submitted by the sponsor (but much less so than the Product Information).
We at TGA have been impressed with the quality of the Emal product, timely delivery and the customer-service focus of all at Emal," said Ahmed.
This interpretation should consider changes in TGA values over time because a single positive result may not provide enough information to make a decision to proceed with biopsy.
A 1-2 mil (25-50 [micro]m) coating spread over a TGA pan makes for a very small specimen that produces almost no volatiles to collect for analysis and increases the possibility of weight measurement errors.
A total of 20 women had a history of isolated TGA as infants, and 14 had complex TGA that included other complications.
In contrast to a simple shifting in nitrogen, TGA curves of manPE in air (Fig.
The TGA has warned of a possible shortage of heparin products in Australia due to supply problems worldwide following the recall.
We evaluated the use of TGA to identify patients needing further specific thrombophilic risk factor testing (2).
Prior to retaining his cross-country title in Edinburgh, the three AAAs 1,500 metres champion was presented with a car by one of the North East's leading Health and Safety consultancies, Hexham-based TGA Consultants.
Scorpion 321 fluorescent probe 5'-FAM-CCG CGT TTT TCA AAG CCC ACG CGG-QUE-HEG-AGA TGA TGA TCC CAA GCC TTC TGG-3' and oligonucleotide 425as 5'-GGA TRA AYY RGW AAA CCT TYM YCG G-3' were used as sense and antisense primers, respectively, for screening of the Bartonella genus-specific ITS region.