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symbol for the element thoriumthorium
[from Thor], radioactive chemical element; symbol Th; at. no. 90; mass number of most stable isotope 232; m.p. about 1,750°C;; b.p. about 4,790°C;; sp. gr. 11.7 at 20°C;; valence +4.

Thorium is a soft, ductile, lustrous, silver-white, radioactive metal.
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The country code for Thailand.
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The diagnosis of THS is often made after alternative disease processes have been excluded.
Cases with a diagnosis of painful ophthalmoplegia who are found to have cranial nerve paralysis or paralyses should be evaluated in terms of THS because recurrence may be observed in these cases because they do not receive steroid treatment (4).
Although, the exact etiopathogenesis of THS largely remains unknown, it can be taken as a separate rare clinical entity.
THS is focused on showcasing high-quality products in order to meet the high requirements of international purchasers.
THS workers will not be able to serve the six jobs of medical care, security, aviation, ship crew, yacht drivers, drivers of mass transportation vehicles, and miners.
There are several interesting parallels between the WOTC/WtW programs and the emergence of THS firms as a growing source of employment for public assistance recipients.
The THS industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the U.
THS underwrites polemics, such as the one its co-founder, Eugene Genovese, published in the Los Angeles Times, observing that the "demand that historians privilege race, class, and gender is occurring in an atmosphere that uncomfortably resembles the McCarthyism of the 1950s.
On July 25, the Jamaican Ministry of Health (JMH) contacted CDC for assistance in investigating the continued occurrence of THS; the collaborative JMH and CDC epidemiologic investigation focused on characterizing the epidemiology of THS in Jamaica and assessing the role of ackee fruit, renta yams, and other factors.
THS has been providing advanced telecommunications, IP technologies, and system integration solutions with 24 x 7 services to major telecom operators & service providers for over 38 years.
In a new review, researchers offer a descriptive analysis of THS constituents and dynamics and argue for the establishment of a programmatic research agenda to close gaps in our understanding of the nature and effects of THS [EHP 119(9):1218-1226; Matt et al.