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A program, similar to telnet, used to connect to remote IBM mainframe hosts, many of which do not understand telnet. The program emulates a 3270-type terminal.

For many tn3270 versions, the "clear screen" function is activated by typing Control-Z. When logged on to an IBM host and "HOLDING" or "MORE..." appears at the lower right corner of the screen, the "clear screen" function must be entered to display the next screen. tn3270 emulations usually include function key definitions.


(TelNet 3270) A client program that included the 3270 protocol for logging into IBM mainframes. Using the TCP/IP networking protocol, it was widely used to connect a desktop computer to a mainframe and emulate a mainframe terminal (3270) session.
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PacketSentry creates an audit trail of every screen accessed via TN3270, plus everything entered on each screen by users.
The use of TN3270 emulators as the interface eliminates any need for new training the company's data operators throughout Europe.
Each console session can be configured to be shared by multiple TN3270 clients, simultaneously if needed, through the Session Sharing feature.
0 and its TN3270 client software will allow companies using the UnixWare 7 operating system to retain not only their host systems and desktop emulators, but also their wide-area networks, without having to replace their current hardware systems.
4 update, users can now support additional emulation standards, such as TN3270 and TN5250 (commonly used by AS/400 users).
Integration of TCP/IP and SNA diagnostic information for TN3270 applications.
The Visara SCON console concentrators now provide session sharing for 24 TN3270 clients per console session, as well as offering console buffering for TN3270 clients.
solutions including Cisco's TN3270 CIP, thereby allowing customers
0 executes on web/application servers, translating Tandem 6530, TN3270 or TN5250 terminal data streams to HTML.
Other valuable features of Blues for Windows include keyboard and hot spot support, screen scraping, interfaces for WinHLLAPI, EHLLAPI, WinHLLAPI and DDE, efficient file transfer and portfolio management capabilities, and extensive connectivity options including Microsoft NT SNA Server, Netware for SAA, TN3270, TN3270E and TN5250 via Winsock, 802.