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The BBC is keen to avoid direct comparisons with TOTP but some sources say the idea is it can become a "slick version of TOTP for 2017".
When I look back it's very amusing but getting your TOTP look right was so important.
R&MinteliPhy 4 features a number of enhancements to the software suite, such as user authentication via multi-factor TOTP authentication, reporting based on the historical values of objects and changes made to objects, and the ability to record splicing tasks with work orders.
But close pal Leigh Francis, alias Keith Lemon, 41, has hinted she will return to fronting TOTP, claiming: "We have discussed it.
For many years TOTP was virtually the only music show for young people, and it was therefore a must-see programme.
I am beyond excited at the thought of a return to the mighty TOTP studios," said Fearne.
The death knell of TOTP has been blamed on the ever increasing competition from digital music channels.
Originally shot in a converted church and planned for only a few episodes, the surprise TOTP phenomenon lasted an incredible 43 years.
TOTP allowed bands to capitalise on their image, and really came into its own with the advent of glam rock.
Now former children's television presenter Andi Peters has been appointed to spearhead a revamp and make the 39-year-old show more relevant to today's young music lovers, They have been abandoning TOTP in droves, with just 2.
The magazine will be launched into the teen entertainment market, which includes TOTP, Smash Hits, Live and Kicking and the company's own TV Hits.