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On drawings, abbr. for “total.”
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We'll call all hands at eight bells; I'll give them a tot of rum all around, and then you give the presents.
After a time the carpenter tot tered away forward; but later on, Falk going to drink at the fresh-water pump, had the inspiration to turn his head.
The main and tots courses aim to provide enjoyment, improve basic skills and give the boys and girls an actionpacked and fun-filled football course all in a safe and friendly environment.
Hundreds of pre-school children across the North regularly attend Tumble Tots play programmes every week.
Lovingly received, numerous children have passed through the Tiny Tots doors -- more than 141,000 child visits in 30 years.
Celebrating the deal at a Tumble Tots class in Shottery, Stratford-upon-Avon, are (from left) Mark Lewis and John Malins from Leamington Spa lawyers Wright Hassall, Veronica Pereira, Saskia Lim and Richard Lim from Sina, with Tumble Tots Alice Hoyle and Emma Loveridge.
While parents may think they're helping restless tots, the study suggests that habitual bed sharing makes it more difficult for the child to get a full night's sleep.
The Goodyear Better Future platform and Goodyear Airship Operations support collaborative programs, such as the Toys for Tots Foundation and community organizations to create positive outcomes for the community.
Lyon Communities is hosting this year's drive to help Toys For Tots reach its goal of raising funds and collecting toys for families and individuals in need in California.