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(1) See TP monitor.

(2) (Transactions Per Minute) The number of transactions processed within one minute. See TPS.

(3) (Trusted Platform Module) A security chip from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) that is typically built into the motherboard of a PC. It provides secure key generation by generating a private key that is stored in the chip and cannot be divulged to hackers. See TCG.

(4) (Tire Pressure Monitoring) The real-time monitoring of a vehicle's tire pressure. The TPM sensors are inside each tire, and when the pressure falls below a set threshold, the wireless transmitter sends a signal to the dashboard to turn on an alert light. The sensor contains lithium batteries that will eventually lose their charge and require replacement. Although TPM sensors were optional in some car models in the 1990s, they became standard in U.S. cars in 2008. See automotive safety systems.

A TPM Sensor
The sensor resides inside the tire attached directly to the valve stem, and it can be damaged if the tire goes entirely flat. Like parts for all cars, TPM sensors differ depending on make and model. This one is for an older Porsche 911. (Image courtesy of Parts Geek,
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Because of the varying challenges and intensity of the season, we meet 4-7 times a week during our build season, and depending on how the builds go, for a total meeting time of about 20-30 hours a week," says Hoyler whose teams meet in the TPM Charlotte building.
In 2015, TPM was responsible for insurance premium totaling USD 47.
To maintain the lead in the industry, TPM consistently develops pioneering products and technology, launching the world's first spiral-face-gear made by powder metallurgy in August to save time and labor cost to surprise many brand vendors and attract lots of inquires.
At week 108, phentermine / TPM was associated with significant and sustained weight loss compared to placebo.
TPM Asia and Shenzhen Port have both seen increases over the past several years, in container volume for Shenzhen Port and participating attendees at TPM Asia.
During a visit to TPM''s refurbished premises in Lime Street, Peter Little, chair of the Department for Education''s Advisory Group for Learners with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities, said: TPM are having such a positive impact on the participation and progress of learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.
TPM does a lot of coverage on how the media cover stories, McMorris-Santoro says.
TPM are designed to treat cancer in the peritoneal cavity.
The intent of this discussion is not to persuade the reader to adopt a particular viewpoint or to choose sides but rather the intent is to present factual information that will give the Christian psychologist the tools by which he or she can make an informed decision regarding the viability of TPM for clinical use in a selected setting.
This volume presents 19 case studies illustrating the real-world implementation of TPM.
The first goat of an effective TPM program is to achieve zero breakdowns, zero defects and zero accidents in all of a company's processing areas.
Specifications for the TPM have been developed and promoted by an industry standards organization called the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).