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in music, ornamentornament,
in music, notes added to a melodic line for the purpose of embellishment or decoration, often called graces. Ornamentation was practiced as early as the Middle Ages by the singers of plainsong, and the practice seems to have reached its height in the baroque era.
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 consisting of the more or less rapid alternation of two adjacent notes. Indicated by any of several conventional symbols, it varies in speed and duration and in the manner of its beginning and ending according to context. Originating in the Renaissance, the trill became the most important of ornaments during the baroque period. In British usage the term shake is more common.




Music a melodic ornament consisting of a rapid alternation between a principal note and the note a whole tone or semitone above it.


(TRansparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) A network layer 2 protocol that functions like a layer 3 protocol and is sometimes called "routable Ethernet." It was designed to overcome the deficiencies of the spanning tree protocol (STP), which limits traffic to one path in the network and blocks the rest.

Routing Bridges (RBridges)
TRILL uses the IS-IS link state routing protocol implemented in a routing bridge (RBridge). Operating like a bridge and router, RBridges support multiple paths and are compatible with regular bridges. See spanning tree protocol, IS-IS and bridge router.
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The long-term rating on TRIL Infopark Ltd derives strength from its strong parentage and experienced management, strategic location and achievement of financial closure for the project to develop a special economic zone at Taramani, Chennai.
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