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Our analysis of the TRMM data showed that the overwhelming majority of the precipitation is in the months of November through February.
Therefore, these results were complemented by the aid of the TRMM satellite.
The TRMM also carries a passive microwave radiometer, the TRMM microwave imager (TMI), which takes observations in nine channels at five frequencies--10.
The airplane is temporarily stationed at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida to finish up weather research in that region before flying to Brasilia in Brazil on Friday for the three-year TRMM mission.
The TRMM instruments found that rain was falling at a rate greater than 64 mm per 2.
Visible and short wave infrared data from ESA's METEO-7 satellite and rainfall data from NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite was combined at the Naval Research Laboratory to create a composite image of the storm on Nov.
Active since 1997 and called "a rain gauge in space," the TRMM satellite is able to accurately measure rainfall in tropical areas.
Kelley will talk about the science of hurricanes, the inner workings of the TRMM satellite radar, and the researcher who coined the term "hot tower" 50 years ago.
TRMM satellite rainfall data estimated Cyclone Phet's heaviest rainfall (600 or more millimeters/23.
TRMM visualisation, he said, has also shown shifts of high rainfall in the region from one season to the other in the past 14 years but also clearly shows that the 2013/2014 rains were low as compared to other seasons.
The EOS CCT subsystem evolution and development contract, which supports the Terra, Aqua, Aura and TRMM missions, will continue to give scientists and climate researchers access to valuable data to better understand how the earth's atmosphere, oceans and lands interact.